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Author: Brenda

Green Idea: How To Make Your Home Green

To feel even better at home, bring in nature! Whether or not you have an exterior, get into indoor gardening. Here are some ideas for creating real gardens to transport your house into a green home.

A Bucolic Entry for your Green Home

A Bucolic Entry for your Green Home

As soon as the front door opens, imagine a bucolic decoration. For this, you can use real or false plants, taking advantage of the space available and the facilities installed to store the entrance.

Install planters on the walls, for example by leaning on existing shelves. Or attach them directly to the wall to grow climbing plants such as ivy.

If your entrance has no window or opening to allow natural light to enter, prefer artificial plants.

Use decorative elements reminiscent of nature, such as a fake lawn that can be transformed into a carpet or tapestry.

You can also decorate with gardening objects, images representing the greens.

Nature Invades The Walls

indoor plant wall

It is one of the trends of the moment, but also a clever way indoors to invite nature. Your interior is thus rejuvenating, restful, healthy, beautifully decorated. To install a green wall at home, you have several options:

Use a specific fabric for planting, equipped with pockets, and grow indoor plants there.

Install a wire mesh or trellis on the wall to hang flower pots.

Hang pots and planters on a wooden board, which you attach to the wall, or make a natural fir shelf to install your plants.

Plant Separation

plant separation

You can also make a separation in a room, thanks to plants. You thus have a plant partition which delimits two distinct spaces. The living room, for example, will house a dining room and a living room. It is, therefore, a three-in-one arrangement that structures the space, decorates it, and brings in nature, a source of well-being.

Use an open shelf on both sides to place the plants.

Build a wooden shelf, suspended by metal cables riveted to the ceiling and the floor. You can give it the shape and the dimensions you want. Then simply put the pots on the wooden boards.

Use a trellis planter to grow a climbing plant. Do not forget to seal the planter to avoid accidents.

Nature To Taste

square vegetable garden

You can grow your vegetable garden inside, but also your aromatic garden. The ideal location is, of course, the kitchen, to have your harvests ready to be cooked on hand.

Use classic vegetable squares, sealing them, if you have enough space. You can stack them to form a kind of staircase, and thus save space.

Hang a shelf, like a swing, in front of the window, or above the worktop, to place your pots and planters.

Adopt organic farming for a healthy indoor garden, good for you and your environment.

Install a kitchen composter to cultivate your 100% green interior garden.

A Jungle Style Bathroom

jungle style bathroom

This room is ideal for hosting plants because there is humidity in which they like to grow.

On the other hand, it must necessarily have an opening, a window, a skylight on the ceiling, so that natural light can enter, without which you cannot grow your indoor plants there.

In this room, they are placed on wall shelves or on storage units.

The Suspended Nature

hanging flower pot

Do you lack space to put potted plants at home? Hang them from the ceiling or a beam. You thus create a hanging garden, both bucolic and dreamlike.

Hang hanging flower pots, equipped with the necessary hanging elements.

Make your suspension elements, for example by weaving cords using the macramé technique, very trendy in decoration.

Hang the plants at different heights to create inspiring decor.

Choose drooping, flowering plants for an even more breathtaking effect.

Inside Outside

wall planters

If you have a covered exterior or veranda, install plants that will grow there while remaining well protected.

In a veranda, choose species that appreciate warmth and light.

For your covered exterior, favor plants that you can place against a wall so that they cover it.

Create a barrier against the wind and that blocks outside eyes, with species such as bamboo or reed.

A Collection To Plant

rare plant display

You can also bet on originality by creating your small museum of rare plants.

Display them on an interior window sill, a display case, a hanging shelf, a library.

Choose rare and surprising species, such as carnivorous plants, which are enjoyed indoors.

To enhance the impression of the cabinet of curiosities, glean all different plant pots, by diverting containers and objects, such as cans, a teapot.

Spotlight On Moss And Succulents

moss and suculents

One of the current trends in creating an indoor mini-garden is the terrarium and moussarium.

Make your own in a glass container, Mason jar, under a bell, tealight holder, or empty terrarium to create your mini-landscape.

Plant moss there, forming small hills. You can also plant ferns and bonsai there. Add little characters to complete the picture.

Home Ideas: An Improvised Poetic Balcony

In lack of greenery in your apartment? A small soulless balcony can transform into an island of poetic and relaxing greenery where you can have lunch, relax, and even forget the surrounding buildings. Find out how to arrange it.

Balcony Decor: Strengths At A Glance

balcony decor

1. Large containers create lush greenery.

2. The comfortable bench invites you to rest.

focus on garden bench

3. The bench and the table allow you to have lunch or work outside.

4. The floor is made of wooden slabs, warm and easy to lay.

5. The garden is made of natural materials and neutral tones.

A Floor Dressed In 2 Clicks

floor idea for balcony

The original balcony floor, made of concrete, is covered with clip-on slabs of locust wood, slightly gray, resistant, and easy to install.

A Luminous Setting

light settings

The wall is unified by a white coating which gives a good freshness and captures the light.

Plenty Of Vegetation

vegetation and gardening
  • Of large containers accumulate to accommodate shrubs and plant shapes and varied foliage.
  • Materials and heights of the pots mix and harmonize in natural colors.
  • A fence attracts climbing plants and hanging pots adorn the walls.
  • A wall of rectangular containers accommodates a plant hedge and protects the eyes of neighbors.
  • The plants wrapped around the railing accentuate the “natural garden” effect.

Light Furniture

furniture for balcony
  • A benchmark piece in large gardens, the bench finds its place on this small balcony.
  • The white metal furniture remains light and discreet.
  • The outdoor cushions bring the only touch of color, a sunny yellow.

An Invitation To Rest

resting place

A wooden bench, 40 cm high and 80 cm wide, is fitted over the entire width of the balcony.

pillow layout ideas

On this outdoor bed, outdoor rugs and pastel cushions invite you to a meditation session or a pleasant nap.

A 100% Relaxing Garden At Home

To live outside and take full advantage of the garden, it is enough to arrange it in the manner of a huge living room. We distribute the different functions, eating, receiving, resting, cooling off, etc., on terraces linked by a graphic path. For meals, head to the large table sheltered under a bioclimatic pergola. The outdoor living room, with a sofa and coffee table, takes shelter under an XXL parasol. Between the two spaces, it is the Zen corner where one settles on either side of a central fountain. We unify everything by choosing common light colors, from white to gray. With these different graphic layouts, you get a large, modern, and mineral Zen garden.

The Strong Points Of The Large Zen Garden

zen garden
  1. A terrace furnished as an outdoor lounge, cozy and comfortable with its brazier.
  2. A graphic path that connects the different outdoor living spaces.
  3. A composite terrace along the house to ensure the transition between interior and exterior.
  4. A cascading fountain, soothing and refreshing.
  5. A wooden panel fence, essential to preserve privacy.
  6. An elevated terrace which hosts the dining area sheltered under a bioclimatic pergola.
  7. Well distributed outdoor lighting to enjoy the garden, day and night.

A dining Area Under A Pergola

Unmissable, the dining area that is installed on a comfortable terrace, between 25 and 30m², so that you can eat there at least 10!

dining area under pergola

It is planned out of the way but still not too far from the house, to facilitate going back and forth to the kitchen.

To give more seat and elegance to this island, it is raised by a height of three steps.

Access is via steps placed at the corner, like two small trays embedded in the volume of the terrace: you get a nice graphic effect and a comfortable climb!


In terms of materials, we opt for a tiled covering, large square, and light gray slabs in keeping with the contemporary style chosen.

For an impeccable finish and a nice contrast effect, the steps and the edge of the terrace are belted with dark gray composite wooden slats.

The parasol is advantageously replaced by a very white pergola which protects from the sun and structures the dining area with its designer look.

By opting for a motorized bioclimatic model, one can choose to orient the blades according to the path of the sun and thus be sheltered while letting the air circulate.

To furnish the space, we opt for a long table and two benches which we complete with stools.

In terms of style, we stay in harmony with the clean lines of the pergola and the raised terrace: a white and blond wood duo that combines modernity and softness.

raced terrace and barbecue

Another advantage when you have a spacious terrace: you can easily place a generous size barbecue, keeping it away from the table.

A real living room… outside

Equally essential for resting or sharing moments of conviviality, the lounge area.

We install it on the second terrace of about 10m², a good surface to accommodate a large corner sofa and one or two armchairs.

outside living room

In terms of sun protection, we opt for a deported and XXL parasol. Its large canvas in the colors of the sky acts as a temporary roof.

The living room floor, covered in the same light gray paving as that of the dining island, is warmed by a large graphic carpet with colorful patterns.

closer look at outside living room

Here too, the furniture plays the design and bi-material card, white aluminum, and associated wood, for a light and comfortable whole.

In the same chic gray as the floor, the seats and backrests are complemented by a few harmonious cushions, darker gray, or navy blue.

showcasing cushions and carpets

Like a nod to the living room fireplace, a large cup-shaped brazier is installed in one of the corners.

It is raised at a good height by placing it on a concrete base filled with gravel.

A Central Fountain

Featured in the center of the garden, between the dining area and the lounge area: a pool and its waterfall! Wherever you are, you can enjoy the soothing sound of flowing water.

central fountain

The different stainless steel elements are integrated into a concrete structure which is wider than necessary: ​​this provides ideal seating for recharging one’s batteries in the immediate vicinity of the water.

closer lokk of central fountain

A Graphic Terrace

Against the house, we install a composite terrace that runs all along the facade: it creates a smooth transition between the interior and the exterior.

graphical terrace

We use this surface to organize small intimate spaces as a direct extension of the living rooms: lounge chairs in front of the bedroom, two armchairs and a small table to enjoy coffee near the kitchen, etc.

On the ground, we opt for composite wood slats matching the color of the cladding that covers the facade. The terrace then appears as a reflection of it, which accentuates the extension effect between house and garden.

A Mineral Path

To connect the different spaces in the garden, we create a practical and design route: a T-shaped path that leaves from the terrace along the house to reach the pool, the dining area, and the living room without having to walk in the grass.

mineral path

Rather than a full concrete driveway, we opt for a gravel path: an aesthetic material that keeps the soil permeable.

To facilitate walking and give rhythm to the path, we integrate slate crosspieces in the gravel, according to the principle of Japanese steps.

closer look at mineral path

The edges of the aisle are made of slate borders that hold the gravel and ensure an impeccable finish.

A Well-Lit Garden

At night, we take advantage of the facilities by providing a multitude of light sources that we choose and that we distribute according to needs.

lighting of outside garden

The small nomadic solar lamps will be perfect to liven up the dining area or the coffee table in the living room.

The lighting is created by installing fixed exterior lights, sconces on the facade and on the fence panels, and posts near the accesses and pathways.

exterior lights

The general lighting is completed by adding column lamps and light cubes that can be moved as desired.

The plus: mini outdoor spots embedded in the edges of terraces and steps. They secure the path while providing beautiful graphic lighting after dark.

9 Tips For Feeling Good At Home

A tidy house gives a sense of peace and order. For some, the very act of tidying up makes you feel Zen. But if the virtues of storage are accepted by all, we can feel a little discouraged when it comes to getting started. Here are some tips for how to tidy up your home efficiently and make you feel good no matter where you are going from. Take advantage of a time when you have free time, like summer for example, or a new start, like January or back to school. Ready to live in an orderly home where you feel good? Let’s go!

Tips: Sort To Declutter

Tips: Sort To Declutter

If you are reading this article, chances are you will find your house a little crowded. In the world we live in, there is a tendency to accumulate a lot. The first step in any overall arrangement is therefore decluttering.

The Japanese Marie Kondo popularized the concept and showed that any house submerged in the bazaar could be transformed by a well-managed decluttering. The idea is simple: keep only what makes us happy. Marie Kondo suggests taking each object in hand is to wonder if it does us good. If so, we keep it. Otherwise, we get rid of it. Cluttering is therefore obviously a very personal matter where there is not necessarily a question of utility. A souvenir can be kept even if it is not useful to you on a daily basis.

Note: to succeed in decluttering, you must treat each category of objects at once and not operate by room. For example, you will gather all your clothes for global sorting, even those lying in the bathroom and those of the dirty laundry bin. Ditto for books or dishes, or administrative papers:

  • Step 1: we gather.
  • Step 2: we sort.
  • Step 3: we throw away or give away what we no longer want at home.
  • After that? We start again with another category of objects. So yes, decluttering takes time.

Create Sufficient Storage Spaces

Create Sufficient Storage Spaces

If you have operated by categories of objects for your decluttering, you will take the measurement of the volume necessary to store them. You will, therefore, be able to proportion your storage accordingly.

If you love to cook, your kitchen should have lots of cupboards. If your thing is fashion, chances are your wardrobe is overflowing. Again, the amount of storage required depends on each.

For this, no miracle, it is necessary to install practical storage. You can now easily find customizable storage modules or cupboards of all sizes. Of shallow shelves along the corridor can allow you to store cubic meters of books.

Your winter clothes can find their place in a compartment above a door. All household linen (sheets, towels, tablecloths) can be installed on a shelf in the laundry room. Only one rule: find a designated place for everything.

Open Storage Or Closed Storage?

choose options : Open Storage Or Closed Storage?

The open storage can give charm to the decor but as they leave their visible content, they can quickly give a sense of overload. Conversely, closed storage gives an impression of order but can be an excellent excuse to never store and accumulate things “just in case”.

It’s up to you to find the balance between your own decorative tastes (ha the bistro kitchen with its shelves open) and your need for order.

Common sense also invites you to store things where you need them. If you sweep the kitchen daily but the laundry room is at the other end of the house, invent a broom cupboard in the kitchen and you will avoid pacing.

Likewise, it is better to store towels in the bathroom. If you’re the kind of person who tinkers all the time, you can put away a toolbox in the living room with the essentials (hammer, screwdriver, and drill) and put everything else in the garage. The key is a sweet feeling of fluidity on a daily basis.

Think Of The Interior Fittings To Find Everything

Think Of The Interior Fittings To Find Everything

Do you know someone who likes to tidy up? What makes the difference is often the quality of its interior fittings. In her super tidy wardrobe, she has a box dedicated to tights and another to socks, and everything is well labeled.

As for scarves, her folding technique allows her to see everything at a glance when she has to dress in the blink of an eye.

Ditto of course for the kitchen where the spices are labeled and the garage where we find his tools in an instant.

It’s up to you to organize the interior of your closets. Baskets, boxes, compartments, labels, it’s time to give your all.

And if you choose beautiful boxes, you will have as a bonus a little aesthetic pleasure each time you open your closet.

Develop Routines To Keep Everything Tidy

Develop Routines To Keep Everything Tidy

Now that you’ve sorted it out and found a place for everything, your home is a dream of organization. But how do you make it last? How do I keep mail from piling up in the hallway, clothes don’t pile up on an armchair, and dishes are always in the closet or dishwasher (no other options accepted)?

The solution is to establish routines. The Flylady method of Maria Cilley gives you tracks. Once the house is clean, you can set up a morning routine, an evening routine, and a weekly routine, for example.

In the evening, we put the kitchen away, we dry the dishes, we prepare our clothes for the next day for example. In the morning, your sponge in the shower and in the sink and get ready. In your weekly plan, you will include shopping for Saturday, laundry on Tuesday and Thursday, and cleaning floors on Sunday, for example. It’s up to you to compose the routine that suits you and above all to also put some time for you in the routines.

Indeed, the FlyLady method invites you to tidy up to get better and also to reward yourself. Massages, nature walks, reading sessions can also be part of your routines. That’s good news! To keep track of all your routines, you can keep a logbook (the bullet journal may be suitable).

You will find on the internet many files on the FlyLady method and forums to exchange tips.

Define Storage Rules In Common And Personal Spaces

Define Storage Rules In Common And Personal Spaces

When you live with your family or roommate, you experience a universal truth: it’s always the bazaar of others that is unbearable.

For common areas such as the kitchen, living room, and possibly the bathroom, it is better to take the lead and define storage rules, again with a place for everything.

The magazines must be replaced in their basket after reading, the towels be spread on the towel warmer and the cups stored in the dishwasher. Take the time to explain the rules to each inhabitant. You can even display them in each room.

What about personal items? It is up to you to define what is acceptable to you in everyone’s rooms. For some, it will be essential that everyone make their bed and tidy up their room daily, for others, weekly storage will be the maximum acceptable.

In Small Spaces: Store Smartly!

In Small Spaces: Store Smartly!

The smaller space, the more you have to be square on the storage box, otherwise, you will feel overwhelmed. In Japan, we have mastered the art of living in very small dwellings. Dominique Loreau learned the lessons and shares them with us in his books. If you live in a small space, you can take inspiration from it.

Favor multifunctional objects: a quality shawl can become a plaid on the sofa, your large format glasses will be perfect vases and this smart stool is at the same time a table for drinking tea, a side table to put your book and a seat when you have guests. All multifunctional objects free up space and save you from storing away.

Small is better: Choose small objects instead because it is easier to combine small objects than to go out and use large objects. This applies to dishes, small furniture, boxes. And your accommodation will have the added bonus of a delicate style.

Favor the harmony of colors and materials: In small spaces, so that the gaze circulates and that one does not have the impression of overload, it is better to choose neutral and bright colors and to favor a harmony of materials for the floor, walls, and furniture.

With Children, Transform Storage Into A Fully-Fledged activity

With Children, Transform Storage Into A Fully-Fledged activity

From the moment a child has the physical capacity to disturb, he has the capacity to tidy up. It remains to teach him. The Montessori approach gives some clues to help you.

  • The first is to organize each activity with a start, an unfolding, and an end and to associate the child with it from A to Z. Show him first how you take out the cubes, how you build a construction then how to store the cubes. Then offer to do the same.
  • The second is to offer him objects of his size. The storage box must be able to be lifted easily by the child. Likewise, the shelves must be at his height so that he can use them comfortably.
  • The third is to have a carpet on the floor and suggest to the child that it be his work area. The space of the activity (and therefore of the dispersion of the games) is defined by the carpet. And once the activity is over, we put away!

Take A Step Towards Minimalism

Take A Step Towards Minimalism

In our society, fighting against congestion is a constant challenge. Some aim to reduce their possessions and become minimalist, a real lifestyle. Fewer objects mechanically mean less cleaning, more time, and a feeling of inner peace. Minimalism is not necessarily synonymous with an austere interior. Some minimalists also favor luxury and loudly proclaim “little bit better”.

As there is not minimalism but as many variations as there are individuals, it is difficult to give generic advice. You can be tempted by a version “one who enters, one who leaves”, which means that each object you bring into the house must take the place of another.

You can have a zero-waste vision of minimalism and favor rental for example. Or choose a radical version by deciding to live with only a hundred objects for example. Far beyond storage, it is a way of giving less importance to equipment and making room in your life for the experiences you want to live.

Home Idea: How To Manage Greenery In Your Kitchen

Changing your consumption habits is good. Implementing this philosophy at home is better! In this spirit, we are redesigning the kitchen by opting for sustainable materials, earthenware, tiles, wood and in particular OSB, which immediately gives a natural atmosphere to the room. On the practical side, we reserve a large place for selective sorting, including compost, and we organize the storage of bulk and fresh products so that they are always at hand. The right idea? The large custom shelf backed by a glass wall, on which you can store all the groceries in glass jars … a practical and decorative device that makes the link between the kitchen and living room.

The strong points of ecological cuisine in Kitchen

The strong points of ecological cuisine in Kitchen
  1. Backed by the glass wall, a large custom shelf for storing bulk.
  2. Standard storage that optimizes the available space, from floor to ceiling.
  3. Embedded in the work plan, a planter of aromatic plants always at hand.
  4. Custom OSB facades for tall furniture.
  5. Three bins for selective sorting with a suitable opening system.
  6. Concrete effect furniture fronts in harmony with the floor tiles.
  7. On the living room side, a trendy nature decor that echoes that of the kitchen.

A display shelf

To partition while keeping the maximum of light, we divert a shower screen that we install at the entrance of the kitchen.

A display shelf

A custom-made shelf of the same dimensions is attached to the wall, which allows a large storage space without encroaching on the volume of the kitchen.

The shelf consists of 18cm shelves, a depth sufficient to place all types of jars: containers suitable for storing bulk and which give a grocery look to the kitchen.

In the lower part of the shelf, you can slide wooden crates, ideal for placing fresh vegetables.

The shelf is completed by an original fruit basket, consisting of a pot-holder on which there is a round tray.

Optimized layout

The smaller the surface of the kitchen, the more important it is to use the least square centimeter of it and in particular the portion of the wall running alongside the window.

There is installed a column that occupies the entire height through the use of a cabinet supplemented with boxes. The trick is to choose them shallow (35cm) to make them less bulky.

Optimized layout

Above the linear consisting of classic low boxes, high boxes, also shallow, are installed over the entire width of the wall.

If the boxes are standard, the facades are made to measure in OSB. By dressing the crawling ceiling in the same material, the volume is visually enlarged.

Perfectly integrated into the cladding of the high boxes, the hood is ultra-discreet.

For lighting, we favor sobriety, durability, and efficiency, by opting for LED spotlights.

We take advantage of the doubling of the ceiling to embed several so that they generously illuminate the entire volume of the kitchen.

For more targeted lighting of the worktop, strips are fixed under the high boxes of the main shelf.

Discreet and practical storage

Indispensable in an ecological kitchen, selective sorting must be practical and well organized.

The space located in front of the window is arranged to have three trash cans, hidden behind facades and surmounted by a work surface.

Discreet and practical storage

For easy access, we adapt the standard kitchen fronts in a tilting opening version, much more practical for daily use.

All concrete effect façades are fitted with integrated handrail handles, both practical and stylish.

Under the sink, we install a specific box in which we place cleaning products, ecological of course!

Side-wall side, we use the small depth (20cm) to make custom storage for tea towels.

Attached to a credenza bar, they are hidden by a classic box front.

We exploit the angle of the kitchen by installing a suitable box equipped with a swivel and extractable storage with two baskets.

The window side column is used to store pots, casseroles, and dishes in height. They are therefore easier to take and store.

A DIY storage wall

On the wall facing the window, two wine racks are installed one on top of the other to occupy all the space from floor to ceiling.

This provides graphic storage for small bottles but also tea towels and rolled towels, and even seasonal fruits and vegetables of small caliber.

A DIY storage wall

Another space-saving idea, the wall converted into a multifunction panel thanks to a painted plywood panel glued to the wall.

Beforehand, it is punctured with holes spaced 20cm in width and height in which we place pins.

We modulate the number and location to hang small utensils and accessories or to have mini-shelves.

The most decorative: we favor wooden accessories and objects, for the contrast with the black background but especially for the harmony with the adjoining locker and the OSB panels.

An indoor mini vegetable patch

When you love to cook, you often need parsley, chives or thyme. Instead of putting messy pots on the worktop, why not put a planter in it?

An indoor mini vegetable patch

We use the small unused volume at the back of the bins to cut and place the planter, blocked by its wider edge. Right in front of the window, the aromatic plants benefit from the contribution of light.

A design and nature style

The kitchen is partially open to the living room, we harmonize the colors and materials of the two spaces to create a unity of style.

Matching the facades of the kitchen, the large concrete effect tiles placed everywhere on the floor creates visual continuity and reinforces the mineral atmosphere.

A design and nature style

Color of nature par excellence, green is used in glazed earthenware for the splashback of the kitchen and in matching paint on one of the walls of the living room.

Wood provides warmth in the kitchen: OSB boxes and ceiling, burnt wood worktop, bottle racks, cutting boards, and utensils.

In the living room, wood too, with the pallets that constitute the frame of the sofa or the cubes as a coffee table.

Home Ideas: A Wonderful Playground

If you want your children to drop their tablet and screen to go play outside, the solution is to dedicate a part of the garden to them and transform it into a real adventure playground, inspired by the island of Peter Pan. In the program? For older children, a tent-shaped cabin in the center of an elevated terrace, a labyrinth-style course, a monkey bridge, and a bridge on stilts. The youngest will benefit from a swing, a sandbox, and a teepee. To complete the playful atmosphere, totems and signposts are added to the colors of the little tribe!

The Strong Points Of The Outdoor Playground

The Strong Points Of The Outdoor Playground
  1. A bridge of monkeys to develop your acrobat soul.
  2. A homemade “hard” tent set up on a large terrace which overlooks the garden.
  3. A space designed for the little ones, with sandpit and nap corner.
  4. A bridge on stilts which spans an imaginary river.
  5. A totem and its tribal patterns that set the tone, that of adventure.
  6. A labyrinth course made up of beams to work on balance.

Indispensable, the large “homemade” totem, to be placed in the center of the space.

We make it by assembling cubes and logs of raw wood that we alternate and that we decorate with small pieces of wood to form head and ears.

We use the same palette of colors as in the rest of the space to decorate it with various patterns.

The Wooden Island And Its Hut

The central point of the children’s playground, the hexagonal terrace symbolizes a small island. Made of wooden planks and raised about 40cm, it allows a panoramic view of the garden.

The Wooden Island And Its Hut

The construction is entirely of wood, including the large planters which mark the access, arranged on either side of the three small steps.

No island without a cabin… which here takes the form of a large tent. Placed on the edge of the terrace, it is made of joists, 1/2 rafters, and battens.

On the outside, it is given character with a set of painted stripes that alternate gray, green and white and harmonize with the surrounding nature.

In the back wall of the cabin, a window is provided which avoids the feeling of confinement and allows good internal ventilation.

On the ground, we have one or two mattresses for napping, reading, or spending the night under the “almost” beautiful star! We can choose, as here, to replace one of the mattresses with a large trunk in which we store games and treasures.

The Wooden Island And Its Hut

To decorate the tip of the tent with the emblem of the tribe, it’s easy: just a few pieces of wood and a little paint to make it.

Backed by the hut, a small pergola allows children to shelter from the sun while being outside.

The structure, very simple, is made of rafters on which we unroll canvasses for the roof and a shade sail for the bottom.

The Bridge On Stilts

We take advantage of the elevation of the terrace to install a small bridge: ideal for developing motor skills, it consists of two inclined sides placed on joists and wooden posts.

The Bridge On Stilts

To make the top of the inclined sides, you alternate a half-round crosspiece and a grooved wooden board: an anti-slip solution that requires you to carefully climb the bridge and work on your balance.

To visually mark the reliefs, we only paint the boards for a striped effect in perfect harmony with those of the wooden hut!

The Suspension Bridge

Easy to install, the monkey bridge consists of two square posts held by metal supports sealed in the ground. Two twisted ropes spaced 90cm in height complete the device.

The Suspension Bridge

The posts are decorated with patterns that alternate natural wood and paintings to match those of other arrangements. We opt for geometric shapes that give an ethnic style to the whole.

For a smooth arrival of the little acrobats after the “ crossing ” of the monkey bridge, we place it in the immediate vicinity of the terrace, on which we install a reception area made up of rubber safety tiles.

The Customized Swing

An indispensable and great classic in outdoor games: the swing. To stay in the spirit of nature and “adventure”, we choose a wooden portico.

The Customized Swing

To match the other facilities, we customize the swing by hanging for DIY decorations and painting of motives on the structure, still in the mathematical mind/ethnicity.

The Playful Labyrinth

To work in balance and skill in complete safety, a small labyrinth 240cm wide is installed on the ground, made up of natural wooden sleepers 20cm wide and 10cm high.

The Playful Labyrinth

We keep a space of 40cm between the crosspieces, circulate easily, and juggle with his ball.

To make this giant decorative game, the sleepers are painted by alternating background colors and patterns, in harmony with the general theme of the playground.

The Space For The Little Ones

A little away from games for adults, we have a space reserved for the little ones, with an essential: the sandbox. To stay in the nature theme, we choose it in wood.

Practical, the wide edge of the tank allows you to play without sitting in the sand.

The Space For The Little Ones like sand box

The little ones also have their hut, in the form of a teepee that is decorated with feathers, garlands and small trophies.

To take the place of a game table, we customize a log of raw wood by painting a few graphic patterns.

For quieter moments of the play, we set up a privileged space between shade and sun: a raffia parasol, a jute carpet, a Chilean, floor cushions, and a few Japanese imitation bark steps to put the toys there.

A Tribal Decor

In this space of personalized games, we do not forget to add decorative elements that symbolize the adventure and scenery. They are disseminated between the various arrangements.

A Tribal Decor

We opt for natural and raw materials and a range of very natural shades, bluish greens, white, beige, and a few touches of black.

We reinforce the imagination of children by placing on the playground some emblematic elements of the tribal universe: wooden tikis, marble, or onyx monoliths.

We use scraps of boards to create a totem of signposts the opportunity to organize a workshop to carry out family registrations.

A Patio Courtyard With Swimming Pool

Being able to take advantage of a swimming pool to cool off when you only have a 35m2 courtyard is possible! By installing a 2 x 3.5m swimming pool and redesigning the patio space inspired by Mediterranean courses, you can relax while traveling! From floor to wall, the monochrome decor creates a chic and authentic atmosphere. To warm-up, we play with the accumulation of soft cushions, natural fiber rugs, terracotta pots, and lanterns, in a very trendy soft desert style. The final touch, green plants with graphic leaves add a touch of exoticism.

The highlights of the Mediterranean patio

The highlights of the Mediterranean patio

1. A 7m2 swimming pool large enough to bathe in a group.

2. Of sober materials and warm for an authentic atmosphere.

3. Of canisses diverted pergola roof for filtering natural light.

4. An ethnic decor that showcases raw or natural materials.

5. Some benches masonry near the pool inviting to relax.

6. Some panels such moucharabieh to finalize the Mediterranean atmosphere of the patio.

Mini pool, maxi effect

By installing a small rectangular swimming pool measuring 2 by 3.5 meters in the courtyard, space is radically transformed, which immediately appears larger.

Mini pool, maxi effect

The pool, which looks like a basin, brings a real cachet, reinforced by the additional facilities and the decor chosen: clean lines and natural materials, the bases of a Mediterranean atmosphere.

The basin, which rests on the ground, is placed about 50cm from the sidewall, which allows you to create a wide rim like a beach on which you will place plants and decorative accessories.

Nearby, we install a solar outdoor shower, ideal for rinsing or simply cooling off. We choose it simple and graphic, to stay in the spirit of the refined atmosphere.

Mini pool, maxi effect

At the end of the pool, a technical box with a removable hatch provides access to the filtration system.

To make it as discreet as possible, it is covered with plaster, like the edges and walls of the basin.

Masonry benches

Indispensable for creating a Mediterranean patio atmosphere, two “hard” benches with clean lines complete the layout of the courtyard.

Masonry benches

The first is aligned with the width of the pool, mirrored in the technical box, and covered with the same coating as that used for the walls and the basin.

The second, smaller masonry bench seat is placed against the wall of the house. Fitted with cushions and mattresses and lightly shaded, you can read or have tea there.

Earth color palette

In the courtyard, we create a ” desert ” atmosphere by choosing a soft and luminous palette, with linen, ivory and sand tones.

Earth color palette

In this spirit, we opt for a clear concrete coating used for all surfaces, except the floor.

The extra thing: we apply two shades of wax, white and linen, to the coating to give it a satin and patina appearance.

In perfect harmony with the walls, the floor is covered with stone effect tiles, chosen in the same sand tone.

Earth color palette

We opt preferably for large format tiles that enlarge the space.

To stay in the monochrome atmosphere while creating a visual break, we divert garden trellises: tinted like the walls and placed in a niche, their geometric design recalls that of moucharabiehs.

Lighting between shadows and light

To filter the rays of the sun while retaining a maximum of light, we install a roof made up of a few massive wooden beams and diverted canisses.

Lighting between shadows and light

This DIY awning protects while creating games of graphic shadows that change throughout the day.

To take advantage of the patio when the day declines, we provide lighting with several wall lights well distributed in the space.

We choose wooden sconces with clean lines, which will be as decorative as off.

The patio is above all a place of relaxation, we also think of large candle holders and lanterns of different formats to create a cozy atmosphere that invites you to travel.

A Zen and authentic decor

We are inspired by the desert soft trend for the decoration of the patio, with shades of beige and gray, raw materials (terracotta, wood, patinated metal) and ethnic objects.

As for accessories, we stay in the same palette of tones and materials: baskets made of plant fibers, ceramics with clean lines, shell necklaces, etc.

A Zen and authentic decor

To accompany the Zen decor of the patio, we do not forget to have plants everywhere, including closer to the pool.

Palm trees, cacti, succulents, we mix the varieties and sizes, choosing rather exotic species or decorative leaves.

We complete with a few branches, grasses or bouquets of dried flowers.

Indispensable for dressing and making the masonry benches comfortable: the accumulation of cushions that we complete with mattresses and throws.

We mix shapes and textures in a harmony of sand, beige and brown with gray-blues. The fabrics are plain or with graphic patterns, as a reminder of the design of the moucharabiehs panels.

A Zen And Natural Parental Suite In The Living Room

To create a comfortable and bright Natural Parental Suite or master bedroom, we forget the partitions! Bedroom and bathroom are installed in a totally open space, punctuated by a difference in level. On the platform side, the sleeping area, with an original headboard which gives character to the room while masking the dressing room behind. Below, there are two independent washbasins, a spa bath and a large walk-in shower lit by an overhead opening. The style, fresh and natural, mixes wood, waxed concrete, intense blue, white, soft green and many plants.

The strong points of the natural parental suite

The strong points of the natural parental suite

1. The bedroom installed on a spacious platform with a view of the bathroom.

2. A decorative headboard that cleverly conceals the dressing room.

3. Invisible storage arranged in the wall painted in deep blue.

4. Two oak-look washbasins in harmony with the parquet in the bedroom.

5. A balneo bathtub flush with the floor, conducive to relaxation.

6. A large walk-in shower delimited by a partial partition.

7. An overhead opening that generously lights up the shower and bathtub.

A bedroom on the platform

To give rhythm and differentiate the spaces without dividing them, we create a real difference in level by installing the room on a platform.

A bedroom on the platform

When the ceiling height allows (at least 2.65m), the idea is to adjust the height of the platform on that of the bathtub.

This creates a “beach” flush with the bath, ideal for placing products, accessories, decor, and plants.

A bedroom on the platform

We take advantage of the four steps to give style and rhythm by alternating concrete waxed coating, as in the room of baths and sleepers of wood, reminding the floor of the stage.

An original headboard

We accentuate the staging of the bedroom by installing a partial partition acting as the headboard.

An original headboard

It is given a strong presence by dressing it with a wallpaper reproducing XXL leaves.

High of 1.80m, the headboard can also conceal hall and dressing.

We place on the back of the partition two large mirrors, round like those of the basins, which enliven and enlarge this small space.

mirror partition

The closet doors, hidden in the thickness of the wall, are painted in the same blue for a camouflage effect.

The dressing area is completed by a long coat rack and a large pouf, practical for putting on or taking off your shoes.

We add the essential element to check her outfit before leaving: the mirror. Save space with its folding foot, it can be stored against the wall or in the cupboard when it is not being used.

A bright walk-in shower

Topped with an overhead opening and surrounded by plants, the walk-in shower really gives the impression of being outdoors.

A bright walk-in shower

The generous volume and the feeling of space are accentuated by the use on the floor of the same polished concrete as in the rest of the bathroom and by the partition which does not go up to the ceiling.

polished concrete

As for the covering, we opt for white zellige type wall tiles: it brings light and freshness while giving relief to the walls. In order not to break the harmony, the equally white shower column plays on discretion.

In the wall that hides the piping, we take advantage of the extra thickness to create a niche, ideal for having shower products close at hand.

Sinks, comfort and space

On the back of the partition that delimits the shower area, there are two independent oak-look washbasins, in harmony with the parquet floor.

Sinks, comfort and space

Fixed in height and without feet, they lighten the perfectly symmetrical arrangement, with round mirrors, basins, and white mixers.

As in the dressing area, a double-door cupboard hidden in the wall accommodates all the necessary bathroom linen.

The partition is covered in the lower part with the same white tiles as that of the shower.

Sinks, comfort and space

Chic and discreet, the lights take the form of simple globes that harmonize with the roundness of the mirrors.

To the right of the basin area is the large bathtub, also clad in white zellige style tiles.

To offer real moments of relaxation, we choose a spa model offering different programs, between massages and chromotherapy.

Nature style and Zen atmosphere

The wallpaper with giant patterns adds originality to the decor:

A natural spirit mixing clean lines, soft materials and plants, on a background of intense blue which brings contrast and character.

Nature style and Zen atmosphere

For an exterior effect indoors, the presence of wood is essential: it can thus be found everywhere in the room, from parquet floors to Venetian blinds, including washbasins, sleepers, small furniture or accessories.

We give this luminous parental suite an air of interior garden by multiplying the plants and in particular side bathroom.

For a beautiful effect, we vary the sizes and foliage as well as the models of pots, chosen in natural materials: terracotta, concrete, ceramic.

Nature style and Zen atmosphere

The bench, small stools or wooden supports allow you to create an original composition by varying the arrangements and heights.

For accessories, we favor natural materials: jute rugs, natural fiber baskets, woolen plaid, cotton or linen cushion covers.

And for the color palette, in addition to white and blue, we add a few touches of beige, light green, pale gray and powder pink, in harmony with the vegetal atmosphere.

Cozy lighting

For this space dedicated to well-being, we create a soft light atmosphere, reminiscent of a starry sky.

Cozy lighting

For this purpose, mix spotlights to ceiling and lighting in the clean lines placed at different places of the room.

On the headboard side, washbasin or bathtub corner, we thus find the same glass and brass pendant lights in the shape of a globe.

Cozy lighting

For the bedside lamps, we stay in the same spirit of roundness and simplicity, with a visible round bulb on a concrete look base.

An Additional Bedroom To Receive In The Living Room

If you are missing a room to receive friends in good conditions, forget the convertible sofa and arrange a real bedroom in the living room. To delimit its volume, multifunction partitions are installed made of plywood panels, like a large piece of furniture with bench and built-in cupboards. Inside the room, a platform accommodates a large mattress that acts as a bed in the extra bedroom version and a bench seat in the small TV lounge version. On the decorative side, we put on the warmth of the desert trend and the terracotta color which works very well with the wood tones.

The strong points of the bedroom in addition

The strong points of the bedroom in addition

1. Multifunction walls that alternate natural or painted wood, solid surfaces and openings.

2. A discrete pocket door and space-saving to access the bedroom.

3. The terracotta color and an ethnic decoration to set up a warm atmosphere.

4. Both original and useful, a small bench built into the partition.

The strong points of the room in addition

5. An opening equipped with shutters which makes the link between the living room and bedroom.

6. Invisible storage in the thickness of the wall.

7. A large platform that serves as an extra bed or bench.

Multifunction custom partitions

To define the room in the living room, the partitions are made of plywood panels.

They allow you to easily create the structure and integrate openings and storage.

Multifunction custom partitions

By using wooden panels and varying their surface appearance (rough, painted, solid, openwork, etc.) we customize the design of the partitions.

On the living room side, the partition conceals two cupboards with shelves, equipped with opening systems without a visible handle.

Multifunction custom partitions

Same principle in the bedroom: we take advantage of the thickness of the partition to create a large storage space, ideal as an extra dressing room.

To access the bedroom, opt for a pocket door, discreet and space-saving.

By painting the sliding door in one of the colors used for the partition, it enlivens it with a large solid color when it is closed.

The idea in addition: a custom mirror glued to the partition enlarges the space and increases the light tenfold.

At the corner of the two partitions, we create a seat like an alcove which gives relief to the layout.

The suspension in poplar strips, both graphic and natural, allows reading well lit when the light declines.

A platform with a double bed

Inside the room, a platform is created over the entire width: it accommodates a 160cm mattress which turns into a comfortable bed when you add a duvet and pillows.

A platform with a double bed

For the perfect integration into the room, the platform is covered with the same solid parquet planks as those used for the floor.

In the day version, we accumulate the cushions to transform the mattress into a bench, ideal for watching a family movie!

The decor idea: we stage the rest area by partially covering the wall with geometric wallpaper.

The remaining wall portion is painted black and fitted with a few shelves, one of which has an integrated drawer.

In a recycled spirit, we think of using the scraps of wooden shelves that we associate with black wire brackets for a light and stylish result.

A TV cabinet with shelves

A TV cabinet with shelves

If creating a guest bedroom is the first objective, arranging it as a TV room allows it to be used all year round.

We create for this a large shelf which serves as a library, storage, and TV cabinet, with a central compartment that allows installing the screen.

For the shelves, there is a depth of 30cm, sufficient to store most of the objects.

On the material side, we choose the elegance of oak shelves, in harmony with the parquet.

The real plus of custom furniture is the two sliding shutters that hide the television screen, if necessary.

Made of plywood panels, they are given character by painting them in matt black and perforating them with 8mm diameter holes.

An interior window

An interior window

By partitioning off part of the living room, you may be depriving yourself of a window. To remedy this, an opening is created in the same axis in the room partition.

It extends the perspective, offers a view of the outside and visually connects the two spaces.

The opening is fitted with shutters: closed, they preserve the privacy of the guest bedroom.

Painted and perforated with small holes, they bring a more decorative side to the living room by transforming into a graphic panel.

In TV lounge mode, the interior window takes on its full meaning: you isolate yourself without being “locked-in” and you modulate the light supply.

An ethnic trendy desert decor

An ethnic trendy desert decor

For a harmonious atmosphere, we choose the same style for both spaces.

In major, the laterite red paint asserts its character, in contrast to the light wood and the wallpaper with black graphic patterns, present on the wall of the bedroom and the living room.

Black metal shelves, coffee table, and table lamp punctuate the atmosphere with graphics, as does the carpet or the bottom of the shelves associated with the patterned wallpaper.

Soothing lighting

Whether the room is used as a TV lounge or as a bedroom, the lighting is designed to accentuate the cocoon effect.

Soothing lighting

We thus multiply the light sources to create a subdued and warm atmosphere.

Wired floor lamp in rattan and metal or wooden wall lamp, we prefer decorative lighting that diffuses a subtle light.

We complete with table lamps with a visible bulb whose concrete base takes the star color of the decor, the terracotta.

10 Ideas To Arrange A Balcony, Courtyard And Terrace

What is there in common between a balcony, a courtyard, and a terrace? This outdoor space which belongs only to you deserves some adjustments to become a real living space. Small, medium or large, there are a thousand ways to adapt the ideas that will follow to your surface, your budget and your tastes. Overview of the best ways to add value to your outdoor spaces.

Garden Furniture: The Essential

Garden Furniture: The Essential for your courtyard

Ok, this is the basis for making a living space outside. Classic but effective, the garden furniture allows you to make the most of its grounds. With family or friends, the armchairs or sofas arranged on the terrace transform the terrace into a place of relaxation, suitable for lively meals or peaceful aperitifs.

Large tables, coffee tables, and parasol complete garden furniture where there remains only the style to choose. If you only have a small space, think of the bench or the chest covered with a few cushions, perfect for improvised aperitifs on the balcony.

Lighting That Throws

Lighting That Throws

Lighting is what turns a pleasant space during the day into a pleasant space 24 hours a day. To extend the summer evenings, installing lighting in your living areas is essential. You have of course the choice: light spots on the ground or on the facade, LED strips or pretty lanterns that light up after dark.

This lighting contributes to the ambiance of your terrace, whether strong, colorful or subdued, the choice is yours. Also, think of solar lighting which has the advantage of not requiring any electrical installation and which can be changed place at any time.

A Zen Corner For Relaxation

A Zen Corner For Relaxation

Relaxing outdoors is also possible at home. A small furnished corner, if possible far from the hubbub and delimited by a terrace or a veil will create a perfect relaxation space for reading, listening to the wind or meditating. With a deckchair or an armchair arranged on a wooden platform surrounded by greenery, the Zen corner of the garden will certainly be your new favorite place.

And with a little reading arranged in a basket or pretty lemongrass candles to keep mosquitoes away in the evening, you create an ideal Zen space. In a courtyard or on a balcony, the exercise is more strenuous but a nice armchair separated by a screen can also do the trick or just a hammock. Take advantage of the walled corners of a courtyard to create an area of ​​privacy.

Flowers Galore in your Courtyard

Flowers Galore in your Courtyard

With a very vegetable decoration and flowers in quantity, we create a pleasant and soothing atmosphere. Ideal for the balcony or the terrace area! Planters, small and large pots, by multiplying the species and sizes of flowers, we create a small botanical garden where we like to spend time. And if you like the scents of your favorite flowers, you can install them all-around your armchair to bathe in floral scents from spring.

By adjusting the size of plants and containers, you can adjust this tip to all available surfaces. The more limited space, the more it is necessary to choose a common thread for your plants and their containers. It can be a color like white here, a material (the anthracite resin tanks for example) or even a style of plants (succulents, Mediterranean).

A corner For Improvised Cafes

A corner For Improvised Cafes

Ideal on a small balcony, the coffee corner offers a charming relaxation space, which transforms into a dinette corner for two if necessary. With a space-saving table and chairs, or even foldable to have space once stored, the balcony is also ready for breakfast or an aperitif.

And to make the most of your balcony on hot days, an umbrella or an arbor provides refreshing shade. If this idea is perfect for a balcony corner, it also very well complements real garden furniture when you are in a house with a large terrace. This possibility of creating several convivial corners in a garden is even a very good idea to organize the space.

A Vegetable Garden Or Chewable Plants

A Vegetable Garden Or Chewable Plants

Whatever the size of your garden, even your balcony, you can easily install a small vegetable patch. A simple planter with cherry tomatoes, radishes, and cut salad is already a pleasure every day. If you have more space, you can opt for very productive square bins.

Finally, a real garden will allow you to create rows or mounds to savor a wide variety of fresh products throughout the year. And even why not a greenhouse to prepare your seedlings, which adds cachet near the house. The only essential concern is, of course, the exhibition. For beautiful vegetables, you need sun, otherwise, pass your turn.

An Aromatic Garden Or Even A Priest’s Garden

An Aromatic Garden Or Even A Priest's Garden

Thyme, mint, chives or rosemary. With your aromatic space on the balcony or on the terrace, the cuisine will gain flavor. Easy to place in small pots or planters, your aromatic corner can also be more elaborate and help decorate your balcony.

A few earthen bins delimited by small wooden planks, and here is the balcony which has become an aromatic garden in which we like to stroll. If you have more room in the garden, bet on a real priest’s garden that combines visual charm with generosity in aromatic and medicinal plants. And what fragrances on hot days!

A Swing Or Hammock For A Little Magic

A Swing Or Hammock For A Little Magic

The swing always sends us back to our childhood dreams. Whether compact on a balcony or larger on a terrace or at the bottom of a garden, it acts as a point of attraction in your space. And once you’re there, it’s a cocoon that isolates you from the rest of the world. Remember to protect it from bad weather in winter but take advantage of it during the summer.

It is also better to install it on a stable support, whether it is a hard terrace or an earth floor whose flatness you have checked.

A Playground For Children

A Playground For Children

No need to go to the park, it’s the park that settles at your place! Sandbox, games, and toys galore, and your children can play outside quietly while staying at home. And with privacy screens surrounding the field, you preserve your privacy and that of your loved ones. With the corner cabin, it is quick and easy to find or store all your outdoor gear for all-day fun.

Of course, depending on the age of the children, you can also install a trampoline, a swing, a slide or even gymnastic equipment. No more asking them to let go of the console to go play outside, they will go on their own.

A Cabin Like Robinson

A Cabin Like Robinson

The cabin in the garden is always a success. With a little space, installing a log cabin transforms your exterior and your activities. Multifunctional, you can have coffee and sunshine on sunny days. The storage space also allows you to store all your gardening or DIY tools, but also bikes or outdoor games.

Children will find a fun playground outside the house and a few plants or decorations and garlands will end up making your outdoor playhouse look festive. And on your balcony or on your terrace, a more modest version to store cushions and small hand tools will also add its touch of charm.