A Zen And Natural Parental Suite In The Living Room

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To create a comfortable and bright Natural Parental Suite or master bedroom, we forget the partitions! Bedroom and bathroom are installed in a totally open space, punctuated by a difference in level. On the platform side, the sleeping area, with an original headboard which gives character to the room while masking the dressing room behind. Below, there are two independent washbasins, a spa bath and a large walk-in shower lit by an overhead opening. The style, fresh and natural, mixes wood, waxed concrete, intense blue, white, soft green and many plants.

The strong points of the natural parental suite

The strong points of the natural parental suite

1. The bedroom installed on a spacious platform with a view of the bathroom.

2. A decorative headboard that cleverly conceals the dressing room.

3. Invisible storage arranged in the wall painted in deep blue.

4. Two oak-look washbasins in harmony with the parquet in the bedroom.

5. A balneo bathtub flush with the floor, conducive to relaxation.

6. A large walk-in shower delimited by a partial partition.

7. An overhead opening that generously lights up the shower and bathtub.

A bedroom on the platform

To give rhythm and differentiate the spaces without dividing them, we create a real difference in level by installing the room on a platform.

A bedroom on the platform

When the ceiling height allows (at least 2.65m), the idea is to adjust the height of the platform on that of the bathtub.

This creates a “beach” flush with the bath, ideal for placing products, accessories, decor, and plants.

A bedroom on the platform

We take advantage of the four steps to give style and rhythm by alternating concrete waxed coating, as in the room of baths and sleepers of wood, reminding the floor of the stage.

An original headboard

We accentuate the staging of the bedroom by installing a partial partition acting as the headboard.

An original headboard

It is given a strong presence by dressing it with a wallpaper reproducing XXL leaves.

High of 1.80m, the headboard can also conceal hall and dressing.

We place on the back of the partition two large mirrors, round like those of the basins, which enliven and enlarge this small space.

mirror partition

The closet doors, hidden in the thickness of the wall, are painted in the same blue for a camouflage effect.

The dressing area is completed by a long coat rack and a large pouf, practical for putting on or taking off your shoes.

We add the essential element to check her outfit before leaving: the mirror. Save space with its folding foot, it can be stored against the wall or in the cupboard when it is not being used.

A bright walk-in shower

Topped with an overhead opening and surrounded by plants, the walk-in shower really gives the impression of being outdoors.

A bright walk-in shower

The generous volume and the feeling of space are accentuated by the use on the floor of the same polished concrete as in the rest of the bathroom and by the partition which does not go up to the ceiling.

polished concrete

As for the covering, we opt for white zellige type wall tiles: it brings light and freshness while giving relief to the walls. In order not to break the harmony, the equally white shower column plays on discretion.

In the wall that hides the piping, we take advantage of the extra thickness to create a niche, ideal for having shower products close at hand.

Sinks, comfort and space

On the back of the partition that delimits the shower area, there are two independent oak-look washbasins, in harmony with the parquet floor.

Sinks, comfort and space

Fixed in height and without feet, they lighten the perfectly symmetrical arrangement, with round mirrors, basins, and white mixers.

As in the dressing area, a double-door cupboard hidden in the wall accommodates all the necessary bathroom linen.

The partition is covered in the lower part with the same white tiles as that of the shower.

Sinks, comfort and space

Chic and discreet, the lights take the form of simple globes that harmonize with the roundness of the mirrors.

To the right of the basin area is the large bathtub, also clad in white zellige style tiles.

To offer real moments of relaxation, we choose a spa model offering different programs, between massages and chromotherapy.

Nature style and Zen atmosphere

The wallpaper with giant patterns adds originality to the decor:

A natural spirit mixing clean lines, soft materials and plants, on a background of intense blue which brings contrast and character.

Nature style and Zen atmosphere

For an exterior effect indoors, the presence of wood is essential: it can thus be found everywhere in the room, from parquet floors to Venetian blinds, including washbasins, sleepers, small furniture or accessories.

We give this luminous parental suite an air of interior garden by multiplying the plants and in particular side bathroom.

For a beautiful effect, we vary the sizes and foliage as well as the models of pots, chosen in natural materials: terracotta, concrete, ceramic.

Nature style and Zen atmosphere

The bench, small stools or wooden supports allow you to create an original composition by varying the arrangements and heights.

For accessories, we favor natural materials: jute rugs, natural fiber baskets, woolen plaid, cotton or linen cushion covers.

And for the color palette, in addition to white and blue, we add a few touches of beige, light green, pale gray and powder pink, in harmony with the vegetal atmosphere.

Cozy lighting

For this space dedicated to well-being, we create a soft light atmosphere, reminiscent of a starry sky.

Cozy lighting

For this purpose, mix spotlights to ceiling and lighting in the clean lines placed at different places of the room.

On the headboard side, washbasin or bathtub corner, we thus find the same glass and brass pendant lights in the shape of a globe.

Cozy lighting

For the bedside lamps, we stay in the same spirit of roundness and simplicity, with a visible round bulb on a concrete look base.

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