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To live outside and take full advantage of the garden, it is enough to arrange it in the manner of a huge living room. We distribute the different functions, eating, receiving, resting, cooling off, etc., on terraces linked by a graphic path. For meals, head to the large table sheltered under a bioclimatic pergola. The outdoor living room, with a sofa and coffee table, takes shelter under an XXL parasol. Between the two spaces, it is the Zen corner where one settles on either side of a central fountain. We unify everything by choosing common light colors, from white to gray. With these different graphic layouts, you get a large, modern, and mineral Zen garden.

The Strong Points Of The Large Zen Garden

zen garden
  1. A terrace furnished as an outdoor lounge, cozy and comfortable with its brazier.
  2. A graphic path that connects the different outdoor living spaces.
  3. A composite terrace along the house to ensure the transition between interior and exterior.
  4. A cascading fountain, soothing and refreshing.
  5. A wooden panel fence, essential to preserve privacy.
  6. An elevated terrace which hosts the dining area sheltered under a bioclimatic pergola.
  7. Well distributed outdoor lighting to enjoy the garden, day and night.

A dining Area Under A Pergola

Unmissable, the dining area that is installed on a comfortable terrace, between 25 and 30m², so that you can eat there at least 10!

dining area under pergola

It is planned out of the way but still not too far from the house, to facilitate going back and forth to the kitchen.

To give more seat and elegance to this island, it is raised by a height of three steps.

Access is via steps placed at the corner, like two small trays embedded in the volume of the terrace: you get a nice graphic effect and a comfortable climb!


In terms of materials, we opt for a tiled covering, large square, and light gray slabs in keeping with the contemporary style chosen.

For an impeccable finish and a nice contrast effect, the steps and the edge of the terrace are belted with dark gray composite wooden slats.

The parasol is advantageously replaced by a very white pergola which protects from the sun and structures the dining area with its designer look.

By opting for a motorized bioclimatic model, one can choose to orient the blades according to the path of the sun and thus be sheltered while letting the air circulate.

To furnish the space, we opt for a long table and two benches which we complete with stools.

In terms of style, we stay in harmony with the clean lines of the pergola and the raised terrace: a white and blond wood duo that combines modernity and softness.

raced terrace and barbecue

Another advantage when you have a spacious terrace: you can easily place a generous size barbecue, keeping it away from the table.

A real living room… outside

Equally essential for resting or sharing moments of conviviality, the lounge area.

We install it on the second terrace of about 10m², a good surface to accommodate a large corner sofa and one or two armchairs.

outside living room

In terms of sun protection, we opt for a deported and XXL parasol. Its large canvas in the colors of the sky acts as a temporary roof.

The living room floor, covered in the same light gray paving as that of the dining island, is warmed by a large graphic carpet with colorful patterns.

closer look at outside living room

Here too, the furniture plays the design and bi-material card, white aluminum, and associated wood, for a light and comfortable whole.

In the same chic gray as the floor, the seats and backrests are complemented by a few harmonious cushions, darker gray, or navy blue.

showcasing cushions and carpets

Like a nod to the living room fireplace, a large cup-shaped brazier is installed in one of the corners.

It is raised at a good height by placing it on a concrete base filled with gravel.

A Central Fountain

Featured in the center of the garden, between the dining area and the lounge area: a pool and its waterfall! Wherever you are, you can enjoy the soothing sound of flowing water.

central fountain

The different stainless steel elements are integrated into a concrete structure which is wider than necessary: ​​this provides ideal seating for recharging one’s batteries in the immediate vicinity of the water.

closer lokk of central fountain

A Graphic Terrace

Against the house, we install a composite terrace that runs all along the facade: it creates a smooth transition between the interior and the exterior.

graphical terrace

We use this surface to organize small intimate spaces as a direct extension of the living rooms: lounge chairs in front of the bedroom, two armchairs and a small table to enjoy coffee near the kitchen, etc.

On the ground, we opt for composite wood slats matching the color of the cladding that covers the facade. The terrace then appears as a reflection of it, which accentuates the extension effect between house and garden.

A Mineral Path

To connect the different spaces in the garden, we create a practical and design route: a T-shaped path that leaves from the terrace along the house to reach the pool, the dining area, and the living room without having to walk in the grass.

mineral path

Rather than a full concrete driveway, we opt for a gravel path: an aesthetic material that keeps the soil permeable.

To facilitate walking and give rhythm to the path, we integrate slate crosspieces in the gravel, according to the principle of Japanese steps.

closer look at mineral path

The edges of the aisle are made of slate borders that hold the gravel and ensure an impeccable finish.

A Well-Lit Garden

At night, we take advantage of the facilities by providing a multitude of light sources that we choose and that we distribute according to needs.

lighting of outside garden

The small nomadic solar lamps will be perfect to liven up the dining area or the coffee table in the living room.

The lighting is created by installing fixed exterior lights, sconces on the facade and on the fence panels, and posts near the accesses and pathways.

exterior lights

The general lighting is completed by adding column lamps and light cubes that can be moved as desired.

The plus: mini outdoor spots embedded in the edges of terraces and steps. They secure the path while providing beautiful graphic lighting after dark.

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