An Aadditional Bedroom To Receive In The Living Room

If you are missing a room to receive friends in good conditions, forget the convertible sofa and arrange a real bedroom in the living room. To delimit its volume, multifunction partitions are installed made of plywood panels, like a large piece of furniture with bench and built-in cupboards. Inside the room, a platform accommodates a large mattress that acts as a bed in the extra bedroom version and a bench seat in the small TV lounge version. On the decorative side, we put on the warmth of the desert trend and the terracotta color which works very well with the wood tones.

The strong points of the room in addition

1. Multifunction walls that alternate natural or painted wood, solid surfaces and openings.

2. A discrete pocket door and space-saving to access the bedroom.

3. The terracotta color and an ethnic decoration to set up a warm atmosphere.

4. Both original and useful, a small bench built into the partition.

5. An opening equipped with shutters which makes the link between the living room and bedroom.

6. Invisible storage in the thickness of the wall.

7. A large platform that serves as an extra bed or bench.

Multifunction custom partitions

To define the room in the living room, the partitions are made of plywood panels.

They allow you to easily create the structure and integrate openings and storage.

By using wooden panels and varying their surface appearance (rough, painted, solid, openwork, etc.) we customize the design of the partitions.

On the living room side, the partition conceals two cupboards with shelves, equipped with opening systems without a visible handle.

Same principle in the bedroom: we take advantage of the thickness of the partition to create a large storage space, ideal as an extra dressing room.

To access the bedroom, opt for a pocket door, discreet and space-saving.

By painting the sliding door in one of the colors used for the partition, it enlivens it with a large solid color when it is closed.

The idea in addition: a custom mirror glued to the partition enlarges the space and increases the light tenfold.

At the corner of the two partitions, we create a seat like an alcove which gives relief to the layout.

The suspension in poplar strips, both graphic and natural, allows reading well lit when the light declines.

A platform with a double bed

Inside the room, a platform is created over the entire width: it accommodates a 160cm mattress which turns into a comfortable bed when you add a duvet and pillows.

For the perfect integration into the room, the platform is covered with the same solid parquet planks as those used for the floor.

In the day version, we accumulate the cushions to transform the mattress into a bench, ideal for watching a family movie!

The decor idea: we stage the rest area by partially covering the wall with geometric wallpaper.

The remaining wall portion is painted black and fitted with a few shelves, one of which has an integrated drawer.

In a recycled spirit, we think of using the scraps of wooden shelves that we associate with black wire brackets for a light and stylish result.

A TV cabinet with shelves

If creating a guest bedroom is the first objective, arranging it as a TV room allows it to be used all year round.

We create for this a large shelf which serves as a library, storage, and TV cabinet, with a central compartment that allows installing the screen.

For the shelves, there is a depth of 30cm, sufficient to store most of the objects.

On the material side, we choose the elegance of oak shelves, in harmony with the parquet.

The real plus of custom furniture is the two sliding shutters that hide the television screen, if necessary.

Made of plywood panels, they are given character by painting them in matt black and perforating them with 8mm diameter holes.

An interior window

By partitioning off part of the living room, you may be depriving yourself of a window. To remedy this, an opening is created in the same axis in the room partition.

It extends the perspective, offers a view of the outside and visually connects the two spaces.

The opening is fitted with shutters: closed, they preserve the privacy of the guest bedroom.

Painted and perforated with small holes, they bring a more decorative side to the living room by transforming into a graphic panel.

In TV lounge mode, the interior window takes on its full meaning: you isolate yourself without being “locked-in” and you modulate the light supply.

An ethnic trendy desert decor

For a harmonious atmosphere, we choose the same style for both spaces.

In major, the laterite red paint asserts its character, in contrast to the light wood and the wallpaper with black graphic patterns, present on the wall of the bedroom and the living room.

Black metal shelves, coffee table, and table lamp punctuate the atmosphere with graphics, as does the carpet or the bottom of the shelves associated with the patterned wallpaper.

Soothing lighting

Whether the room is used as a TV lounge or as a bedroom, the lighting is designed to accentuate the cocoon effect.

We thus multiply the light sources to create a subdued and warm atmosphere.

Wired floor lamp in rattan and metal or wooden wall lamp, we prefer decorative lighting that diffuses a subtle light.

We complete with table lamps with a visible bulb whose concrete base takes the star color of the decor, the terracotta.

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