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Green Idea: How To Make Your Home Green

To feel even better at home, bring in nature! Whether or not you have an exterior, get into indoor gardening. Here are some ideas for creating real gardens to transport your house into a green home.

A Bucolic Entry for your Green Home

A Bucolic Entry for your Green Home

As soon as the front door opens, imagine a bucolic decoration. For this, you can use real or false plants, taking advantage of the space available and the facilities installed to store the entrance.

Install planters on the walls, for example by leaning on existing shelves. Or attach them directly to the wall to grow climbing plants such as ivy.

If your entrance has no window or opening to allow natural light to enter, prefer artificial plants.

Use decorative elements reminiscent of nature, such as a fake lawn that can be transformed into a carpet or tapestry.

You can also decorate with gardening objects, images representing the greens.

Nature Invades The Walls

indoor plant wall

It is one of the trends of the moment, but also a clever way indoors to invite nature. Your interior is thus rejuvenating, restful, healthy, beautifully decorated. To install a green wall at home, you have several options:

Use a specific fabric for planting, equipped with pockets, and grow indoor plants there.

Install a wire mesh or trellis on the wall to hang flower pots.

Hang pots and planters on a wooden board, which you attach to the wall, or make a natural fir shelf to install your plants.

Plant Separation

plant separation

You can also make a separation in a room, thanks to plants. You thus have a plant partition which delimits two distinct spaces. The living room, for example, will house a dining room and a living room. It is, therefore, a three-in-one arrangement that structures the space, decorates it, and brings in nature, a source of well-being.

Use an open shelf on both sides to place the plants.

Build a wooden shelf, suspended by metal cables riveted to the ceiling and the floor. You can give it the shape and the dimensions you want. Then simply put the pots on the wooden boards.

Use a trellis planter to grow a climbing plant. Do not forget to seal the planter to avoid accidents.

Nature To Taste

square vegetable garden

You can grow your vegetable garden inside, but also your aromatic garden. The ideal location is, of course, the kitchen, to have your harvests ready to be cooked on hand.

Use classic vegetable squares, sealing them, if you have enough space. You can stack them to form a kind of staircase, and thus save space.

Hang a shelf, like a swing, in front of the window, or above the worktop, to place your pots and planters.

Adopt organic farming for a healthy indoor garden, good for you and your environment.

Install a kitchen composter to cultivate your 100% green interior garden.

A Jungle Style Bathroom

jungle style bathroom

This room is ideal for hosting plants because there is humidity in which they like to grow.

On the other hand, it must necessarily have an opening, a window, a skylight on the ceiling, so that natural light can enter, without which you cannot grow your indoor plants there.

In this room, they are placed on wall shelves or on storage units.

The Suspended Nature

hanging flower pot

Do you lack space to put potted plants at home? Hang them from the ceiling or a beam. You thus create a hanging garden, both bucolic and dreamlike.

Hang hanging flower pots, equipped with the necessary hanging elements.

Make your suspension elements, for example by weaving cords using the macramé technique, very trendy in decoration.

Hang the plants at different heights to create inspiring decor.

Choose drooping, flowering plants for an even more breathtaking effect.

Inside Outside

wall planters

If you have a covered exterior or veranda, install plants that will grow there while remaining well protected.

In a veranda, choose species that appreciate warmth and light.

For your covered exterior, favor plants that you can place against a wall so that they cover it.

Create a barrier against the wind and that blocks outside eyes, with species such as bamboo or reed.

A Collection To Plant

rare plant display

You can also bet on originality by creating your small museum of rare plants.

Display them on an interior window sill, a display case, a hanging shelf, a library.

Choose rare and surprising species, such as carnivorous plants, which are enjoyed indoors.

To enhance the impression of the cabinet of curiosities, glean all different plant pots, by diverting containers and objects, such as cans, a teapot.

Spotlight On Moss And Succulents

moss and suculents

One of the current trends in creating an indoor mini-garden is the terrarium and moussarium.

Make your own in a glass container, Mason jar, under a bell, tealight holder, or empty terrarium to create your mini-landscape.

Plant moss there, forming small hills. You can also plant ferns and bonsai there. Add little characters to complete the picture.

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