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Home Ideas: An Improvised Poetic Balcony

In lack of greenery in your apartment? A small soulless balcony can transform into an island of poetic and relaxing greenery where you can have lunch, relax, and even forget the surrounding buildings. Find out how to arrange it.

Balcony Decor: Strengths At A Glance

balcony decor

1. Large containers create lush greenery.

2. The comfortable bench invites you to rest.

focus on garden bench

3. The bench and the table allow you to have lunch or work outside.

4. The floor is made of wooden slabs, warm and easy to lay.

5. The garden is made of natural materials and neutral tones.

A Floor Dressed In 2 Clicks

floor idea for balcony

The original balcony floor, made of concrete, is covered with clip-on slabs of locust wood, slightly gray, resistant, and easy to install.

A Luminous Setting

light settings

The wall is unified by a white coating which gives a good freshness and captures the light.

Plenty Of Vegetation

vegetation and gardening
  • Of large containers accumulate to accommodate shrubs and plant shapes and varied foliage.
  • Materials and heights of the pots mix and harmonize in natural colors.
  • A fence attracts climbing plants and hanging pots adorn the walls.
  • A wall of rectangular containers accommodates a plant hedge and protects the eyes of neighbors.
  • The plants wrapped around the railing accentuate the “natural garden” effect.

Light Furniture

furniture for balcony
  • A benchmark piece in large gardens, the bench finds its place on this small balcony.
  • The white metal furniture remains light and discreet.
  • The outdoor cushions bring the only touch of color, a sunny yellow.

An Invitation To Rest

resting place

A wooden bench, 40 cm high and 80 cm wide, is fitted over the entire width of the balcony.

pillow layout ideas

On this outdoor bed, outdoor rugs and pastel cushions invite you to a meditation session or a pleasant nap.

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