A Patio Courtyard With Swimming Pool

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Being able to take advantage of a swimming pool to cool off when you only have a 35m2 courtyard is possible! By installing a 2 x 3.5m swimming pool and redesigning the patio space inspired by Mediterranean courses, you can relax while traveling! From floor to wall, the monochrome decor creates a chic and authentic atmosphere. To warm-up, we play with the accumulation of soft cushions, natural fiber rugs, terracotta pots, and lanterns, in a very trendy soft desert style. The final touch, green plants with graphic leaves add a touch of exoticism.

The highlights of the Mediterranean patio

The highlights of the Mediterranean patio

1. A 7m2 swimming pool large enough to bathe in a group.

2. Of sober materials and warm for an authentic atmosphere.

3. Of canisses diverted pergola roof for filtering natural light.

4. An ethnic decor that showcases raw or natural materials.

5. Some benches masonry near the pool inviting to relax.

6. Some panels such moucharabieh to finalize the Mediterranean atmosphere of the patio.

Mini pool, maxi effect

By installing a small rectangular swimming pool measuring 2 by 3.5 meters in the courtyard, space is radically transformed, which immediately appears larger.

Mini pool, maxi effect

The pool, which looks like a basin, brings a real cachet, reinforced by the additional facilities and the decor chosen: clean lines and natural materials, the bases of a Mediterranean atmosphere.

The basin, which rests on the ground, is placed about 50cm from the sidewall, which allows you to create a wide rim like a beach on which you will place plants and decorative accessories.

Nearby, we install a solar outdoor shower, ideal for rinsing or simply cooling off. We choose it simple and graphic, to stay in the spirit of the refined atmosphere.

Mini pool, maxi effect

At the end of the pool, a technical box with a removable hatch provides access to the filtration system.

To make it as discreet as possible, it is covered with plaster, like the edges and walls of the basin.

Masonry benches

Indispensable for creating a Mediterranean patio atmosphere, two “hard” benches with clean lines complete the layout of the courtyard.

Masonry benches

The first is aligned with the width of the pool, mirrored in the technical box, and covered with the same coating as that used for the walls and the basin.

The second, smaller masonry bench seat is placed against the wall of the house. Fitted with cushions and mattresses and lightly shaded, you can read or have tea there.

Earth color palette

In the courtyard, we create a ” desert ” atmosphere by choosing a soft and luminous palette, with linen, ivory and sand tones.

Earth color palette

In this spirit, we opt for a clear concrete coating used for all surfaces, except the floor.

The extra thing: we apply two shades of wax, white and linen, to the coating to give it a satin and patina appearance.

In perfect harmony with the walls, the floor is covered with stone effect tiles, chosen in the same sand tone.

Earth color palette

We opt preferably for large format tiles that enlarge the space.

To stay in the monochrome atmosphere while creating a visual break, we divert garden trellises: tinted like the walls and placed in a niche, their geometric design recalls that of moucharabiehs.

Lighting between shadows and light

To filter the rays of the sun while retaining a maximum of light, we install a roof made up of a few massive wooden beams and diverted canisses.

Lighting between shadows and light

This DIY awning protects while creating games of graphic shadows that change throughout the day.

To take advantage of the patio when the day declines, we provide lighting with several wall lights well distributed in the space.

We choose wooden sconces with clean lines, which will be as decorative as off.

The patio is above all a place of relaxation, we also think of large candle holders and lanterns of different formats to create a cozy atmosphere that invites you to travel.

A Zen and authentic decor

We are inspired by the desert soft trend for the decoration of the patio, with shades of beige and gray, raw materials (terracotta, wood, patinated metal) and ethnic objects.

As for accessories, we stay in the same palette of tones and materials: baskets made of plant fibers, ceramics with clean lines, shell necklaces, etc.

A Zen and authentic decor

To accompany the Zen decor of the patio, we do not forget to have plants everywhere, including closer to the pool.

Palm trees, cacti, succulents, we mix the varieties and sizes, choosing rather exotic species or decorative leaves.

We complete with a few branches, grasses or bouquets of dried flowers.

Indispensable for dressing and making the masonry benches comfortable: the accumulation of cushions that we complete with mattresses and throws.

We mix shapes and textures in a harmony of sand, beige and brown with gray-blues. The fabrics are plain or with graphic patterns, as a reminder of the design of the moucharabiehs panels.

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