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If you want your children to drop their tablet and screen to go play outside, the solution is to dedicate a part of the garden to them and transform it into a real adventure playground, inspired by the island of Peter Pan. In the program? For older children, a tent-shaped cabin in the center of an elevated terrace, a labyrinth-style course, a monkey bridge, and a bridge on stilts. The youngest will benefit from a swing, a sandbox, and a teepee. To complete the playful atmosphere, totems and signposts are added to the colors of the little tribe!

The Strong Points Of The Outdoor Playground

The Strong Points Of The Outdoor Playground
  1. A bridge of monkeys to develop your acrobat soul.
  2. A homemade “hard” tent set up on a large terrace which overlooks the garden.
  3. A space designed for the little ones, with sandpit and nap corner.
  4. A bridge on stilts which spans an imaginary river.
  5. A totem and its tribal patterns that set the tone, that of adventure.
  6. A labyrinth course made up of beams to work on balance.

Indispensable, the large “homemade” totem, to be placed in the center of the space.

We make it by assembling cubes and logs of raw wood that we alternate and that we decorate with small pieces of wood to form head and ears.

We use the same palette of colors as in the rest of the space to decorate it with various patterns.

The Wooden Island And Its Hut

The central point of the children’s playground, the hexagonal terrace symbolizes a small island. Made of wooden planks and raised about 40cm, it allows a panoramic view of the garden.

The Wooden Island And Its Hut

The construction is entirely of wood, including the large planters which mark the access, arranged on either side of the three small steps.

No island without a cabin… which here takes the form of a large tent. Placed on the edge of the terrace, it is made of joists, 1/2 rafters, and battens.

On the outside, it is given character with a set of painted stripes that alternate gray, green and white and harmonize with the surrounding nature.

In the back wall of the cabin, a window is provided which avoids the feeling of confinement and allows good internal ventilation.

On the ground, we have one or two mattresses for napping, reading, or spending the night under the “almost” beautiful star! We can choose, as here, to replace one of the mattresses with a large trunk in which we store games and treasures.

The Wooden Island And Its Hut

To decorate the tip of the tent with the emblem of the tribe, it’s easy: just a few pieces of wood and a little paint to make it.

Backed by the hut, a small pergola allows children to shelter from the sun while being outside.

The structure, very simple, is made of rafters on which we unroll canvasses for the roof and a shade sail for the bottom.

The Bridge On Stilts

We take advantage of the elevation of the terrace to install a small bridge: ideal for developing motor skills, it consists of two inclined sides placed on joists and wooden posts.

The Bridge On Stilts

To make the top of the inclined sides, you alternate a half-round crosspiece and a grooved wooden board: an anti-slip solution that requires you to carefully climb the bridge and work on your balance.

To visually mark the reliefs, we only paint the boards for a striped effect in perfect harmony with those of the wooden hut!

The Suspension Bridge

Easy to install, the monkey bridge consists of two square posts held by metal supports sealed in the ground. Two twisted ropes spaced 90cm in height complete the device.

The Suspension Bridge

The posts are decorated with patterns that alternate natural wood and paintings to match those of other arrangements. We opt for geometric shapes that give an ethnic style to the whole.

For a smooth arrival of the little acrobats after the “ crossing ” of the monkey bridge, we place it in the immediate vicinity of the terrace, on which we install a reception area made up of rubber safety tiles.

The Customized Swing

An indispensable and great classic in outdoor games: the swing. To stay in the spirit of nature and “adventure”, we choose a wooden portico.

The Customized Swing

To match the other facilities, we customize the swing by hanging for DIY decorations and painting of motives on the structure, still in the mathematical mind/ethnicity.

The Playful Labyrinth

To work in balance and skill in complete safety, a small labyrinth 240cm wide is installed on the ground, made up of natural wooden sleepers 20cm wide and 10cm high.

The Playful Labyrinth

We keep a space of 40cm between the crosspieces, circulate easily, and juggle with his ball.

To make this giant decorative game, the sleepers are painted by alternating background colors and patterns, in harmony with the general theme of the playground.

The Space For The Little Ones

A little away from games for adults, we have a space reserved for the little ones, with an essential: the sandbox. To stay in the nature theme, we choose it in wood.

Practical, the wide edge of the tank allows you to play without sitting in the sand.

The Space For The Little Ones like sand box

The little ones also have their hut, in the form of a teepee that is decorated with feathers, garlands and small trophies.

To take the place of a game table, we customize a log of raw wood by painting a few graphic patterns.

For quieter moments of the play, we set up a privileged space between shade and sun: a raffia parasol, a jute carpet, a Chilean, floor cushions, and a few Japanese imitation bark steps to put the toys there.

A Tribal Decor

In this space of personalized games, we do not forget to add decorative elements that symbolize the adventure and scenery. They are disseminated between the various arrangements.

A Tribal Decor

We opt for natural and raw materials and a range of very natural shades, bluish greens, white, beige, and a few touches of black.

We reinforce the imagination of children by placing on the playground some emblematic elements of the tribal universe: wooden tikis, marble, or onyx monoliths.

We use scraps of boards to create a totem of signposts the opportunity to organize a workshop to carry out family registrations.

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