Tropical Style In The Dining Room

Do you want exoticism, abundance and a warm atmosphere? We have the solution! By mixing maximalism and tropical inspirations, you can radically transform the atmosphere of a room, like the dining room here. The centerpiece, the fresco wallpaper that sets the tone and invites you to travel. This life-size decor is contrasted with graphic flooring to form an original decorative duo. In this visually strong universe, we favor for the high table and the DIY dresser clean lines and an intense and chic blue-green shade. Accumulations of glass lights, accessories made of natural materials and plants do the rest.

The Strong Points Of The Maximalist Dining Room

  • A fresco wallpaper that signs the tropical decoration of the room.
  • An accumulation of lights that dresses the volume and adds the touch of chic.
  • The walls painted in green smoked to complete the effect “bubble of nature.”
  • A sober and chic dresser made with kitchen furniture.
  • A hyper graphic tiled floor that contrasts with the mural while highlighting it.
  • A DIY high table, sober but in intense color.
  • Of plants, of small furniture and accessories Natural materials that reinforce the impression of lush nature.

A Life-Size Wallpaper

The maximalist tendency consisting of mixing patterns, materials, and objects, opting for a fresco-type wallpaper is a guarantee of success!

Here, the XXL wallpaper immerses the room in a tropical universe and sets the tone for a plentiful and exotic decor.

In order not to overdo it, we use fresco wallpaper on a single wall, preferably the one that will remain free, without furniture.

For the other walls of the dining room, we favor a soft shade that extends the spirit of the fresco: a smoky green very close to the background shade of the wallpaper.

To give relief and a ” cabin ” spirit, we partially cover the wall with paneling which we paint with the same smoky green.

A graphic floor

Who says maximalism says the mixture of patterns and visual shock, as here where the black and white diamond floor tiles oppose its chic graphics to the luxuriance of the tropical landscape.

The patterned tiling draws a large central carpet, which is surrounded by black tiling to make the transition with the walls.

A little tip: by shifting the laying of the tiles, and therefore the position of the diamonds, we can vary the pattern created and give the floor a little more dynamism.

DIY dresser and high table

In this teeming universe, we opt for furniture with clean lines that allows ” calm the game ” and maintain a balance.

In this spirit, a high table is created, like a central island: two kitchen worktops rest on a masonry structure and dress its sides.

We choose a shade in harmony with the tropical spirit of the decor: a blue-green reminiscent of the emerald waters of the tropics. And of course, we paint the visible reverse side of the worktops in the same shade as the top.

The real plus that gives originality to the DIY table: the masonry base covered with the same tiling as that placed on the ground, for a beautiful new and graphic effect!

It matches the dresser in the high table also on realizing the measurement with kitchen cabinets and cheeks selected from the same shades of blue-green.

To finalize the furniture, the top is made using the same work surface as that used for the high table.

Decorative shelves

In the spirit of the display cases integrated into the dressers, the low storage elements are completed by installing a few shelves above the sideboard, on the part of the wall covered with paneling.

To keep the spirit of nature, we use planks of rough sawn wood painted in smoky green: the shelves thus blend into the decor.

Side objects and accessories, we fully play the card of maximalism. We put in particular on an accumulation of luminaires by installing a cluster of suspensions.

We opt for the globe- type models in textured and colored glass that bring elegance while dressing the top of the room’s volume.

For small furniture, especially chairs, we put on light forms, wired feet, and natural materials.

For exotic plants placed here and there in the dining room, we use baskets and baskets with an artisanal look that reinforces the natural atmosphere.

The same aesthetic for the table lamp, with its metal tripod and its high rattan part matching the style of high chairs.

The little extra decoration: the mirror to place on one of the walls adjacent to the wallpaper fresco.

In addition to the light, the latter, by reflecting the tropical landscape, creates additional animation.

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