A Laundry Room In The Garage

Fancy a real practical laundry? The direction of the garage, where she will be able to live with the car. To make the most of the surface, install the laundry room in the center and use the surrounding volume to organize an ironing area and install modular and versatile storage spaces that are backed up along the walls. This new layout is an opportunity to replace the old hot water tank with a thermodynamic model, synonymous with energy savings. To give style to this functional space, we are inspired by the trendy plant workshop, which mixes elements of industrial inspiration and many plants, in pots or hanging.

  1. The strong points of the laundry room in the garage
  2. An ironing area, with table, iron, and clothes rack.
  3. Workshop partitions that hide the washing machine, the dryer and plenty of storage.
  4. Plants in abundance, posed or suspended, for an indoor greenhouse effect.
  5. Large modular storage against the rear wall for storage.
  6. A thermodynamic water heater, synonymous with energy-saving.
  7. A multi-use storage set for the whole family.

A plant Island

To optimize space and circulation, the laundry room is installed in a compact central island.

The island is materialized by workshop partitions installed on three sides: they hide machines and connections while letting the light filter in the upper part.

To make the link between the top of the partitions and the ceiling, we add a wooden structure, painted black.

  • In the spirit of the plant workshop trend, plants are installed at the top, in hanging pots in the shape of a ball.
  • For harmony, complete with globes suspensions, which blend into the plant decor.
  • At the rear of the machines, a formwork helps hide the pipes: we took the opportunity to place on top of a series of small planters.
  • This creates a plant edge without encroaching on the work surface installed above the machines and storage.

A compact and practical laundry room

The width of the island allows accommodating a washing machine and a dryer, as well as a 60 cm wide storage unit.

For easy access and use, the machines are raised by about 45cm by placing them on a reinforced structure.

The layout of this space with storage is made with boxes, drawers and kitchen worktop.

Practical tip: when loading or unloading the machine, the upper drawers allow you to place a large laundry basket.

The other two drawers allow you to store all cleaning products and view them in the blink of an eye.

Storage under the washing machine and under the dryer is completed by a half-column with sliding baskets, practical to handle and ideal for storage.

We use the free space around the island to deploy the ironing table with linen and work plan at hand.

We complete with practical accessories, space-saving or mobile. Specific wall support allows you to store the iron and ironing board and make room for cleaning in an instant.

Equipped with casters, the extendable rack, and the laundry baskets can easily be moved to the desired location, to hang or sort the laundry.

Optimized Storage

Thanks to the position of the laundry room, you can invest the walls to provide additional storage in the garage. And no need to be a particular handyman with the Hub System! This modular storage system made up of metal tubes and rails are very easy to fit together. A large shelf is obtained from floor to ceiling, adapted to the space available and the size of the items to be stored: utility cases, bottle racks, tools or small equipment.

Storage For The Whole Family

For all the accessories and objects that we use daily or that we want to store temporarily, we arrange another modular storage space along the wall of the entrance.

Also very easy to make, it is made up of Space Kub boxes that are fitted with braces or doors according to the needs and nature of the objects to be stored.

We also think of wire baskets, to slide into the boxes: ideal for viewing the content of what is stored!

Above the boxes, we also install small wire shelves, suitable for small objects.

We don’t necessarily think about it, but it’s always practical to have a trash can on hand!

Instead, it is placed where there is the most passage, next to the storage located at the entrance.

In addition to the two large storage compartments, non-slip hooks are attached to the walls: they allow bulky or bulky objects to be stored without encroaching on the volume of the garage. Perfect for large scale or skateboarding.

Economic Hot Water

We take advantage of the layout of part of the garage in the laundry room to replace the old hot water tank with a thermodynamic model.

It draws the free calories released into the air by the washing machine, dryer, and iron, and transforms them into energy to produce hot water.

Economical and easy to use, it can be controlled remotely: you can program, manage absences and view the consumption of domestic hot water at any time.

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