A Boudoir Style Bedroom

The bedroom is the place of rest and relaxation par excellence. If you like warm and refined atmospheres, this room which combines style and softness is made for you. To arrange it, we opt for rounded shapes, soft materials, velvet, and a palette of subtle shades, from powder pink to gray-green through a few hints of celadon blue. We combine patterned wallpapers, origami, and plant, to print the atmosphere. A DIY dressing table and screen complete the decor. Their clean lines, in a revamped Art Deco version, add elegance while the brass lights instill a precious touch that finalizes the boudoir spirit of the room.

The Strengths Of The Boudoir Room

  • The walls covered with chic duo underbody green and gray wallpaper origami powder pink and golden.
  • The brass fixtures, sconces, and lamps, art deco revisited mode.
  • A tailor-made dressing table with clean, soft lines.
  • A second wallpaper with a vegetable motif that enlivens and gives character.
  • A DIY screen that combines Art Deco trends and Japanese influences.
  • On the floor, a carpet and an ivory carpet, for light and maximum softness.
  • Soft materials, and especially velvet, for a resolutely cozy atmosphere.

Japanese Influences

To properly mark the style of the room, we start by creating a palette of shades. The pastel tones being synonymous with softness, we put on the powdery pink associated with gray-green.

By varying these colors in different ways, in the form of paintings and wallpapers, we create relief and enlarge the space.

On the ground, we opt for a velvet carpet in ivory color to bring a maximum of light.

It is added by installing a soft carpet with patterns of the same color.

To boost the volume of the room, the proportions of the different wall coverings are mixed.

On one side of the room, we create an elegant setting with a base in gray-green paint associated with wallpaper in powder pink origami pattern.

On the other side of the bedroom, we adopt the full-height installation of a wallpaper with a vegetable motif that subtly asserts its presence.

An Elegant Dressing Table

To install the boudoir spirit, we create a custom dressing table adapted to the dimensions of the room and compact.

Easy to make, it consists of two MDF shelves resting on a simple cleat fixed to the wall and invisible.

The upper shelf is aligned with the base of the adjacent wall and the whole is painted in the same shade, for perfect integration.

  • We complete the two shelves of the dressing table by installing two oblong mirrors above, in an art deco spirit revisited.
  • The two levels of the dressing table do not have the same function, they are provided with different depths, like an open secretary.
  • The most decorative: the rounded or curved edges of the shelves which bring softness and elegance.

A DIY Art Deco Screen

The other flagship element of chic boudoirs is the large screen. It is made to measure in MDF, without nails or screws: the panels simply fit together thanks to long notches.

The clean lines of the screen evoke much the styling inspiration from Japanese as the Art Deco elegance, with a mix of rounded edges and angles.

For the precious touch, it creates lines hollow that is put in value by painting their background in gold, as the songs of the various panels.

A Precious Decoration

We complete the decoration of the room, taking care not to overload the space to keep the chic and Zen spirit of Japanese inspiration.

We favor lamps with clean lines, in keeping with the revamped Art Deco style: table lamp and brass wall light blend perfectly into this universe.

Subtle and elegant wink: the switches reproduce the old ceramic models.

Flagship material of the Art Deco style, velvet is everywhere in the room: curtains, eiderdowns, cushions, poufs, and stools bring the delicacy of their colors and texture.

It is also thought to pompoms, ideal complement to this type of decor and can enhance the kiss or cushions.

In echo, the patterns of wallpaper, add some vegetable keys: dried grasses, fan palm leaves or bouquet of foliage.

As for objects, we favor touches of gold and origami-style ceramic elements.

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