Make space in your home for plants. You’ll feel better for it. Not only are they beautiful, but caring for them helps us slow down and treasure the here and now. We have a wide range to choose from, including cacti and orchids. And you might like to check out our plant pots, too.

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Artsy Hanging Planter

Colorful Transparent Hydroponic Vases
height 12CM
height 13cm
height 15cm-173
height 15cm-496
height 18cm
height 20cm
variations Double bottle
variations Glass bottle
variations Single bottle
variations Three bottles
Scandinavian Test Tube Hydroponic Glass Vase
Golden height 16cm-173
Golden height 16cm-193
Golden height 16cm-200006152
Golden height 16cm-29
Golden height 24cm-10
Golden height 24cm-100013777
Golden height 24cm-100018786
Golden height 24cm-200000195
Golden height 24cm-200005536
Golden height 24cm-200006153
Golden height 24cm-200006155
Golden height 24cm-365016
Rose gold 15.5cm-1063
Rose gold 15.5cm-175
Rose gold 15.5cm-200006151
Rose gold 15.5cm-366
Rose gold 15.5cm-496
Rose gold 24cm-200002984
Rose gold 24cm-365458
Leaf Shaped Test Tube Vase
height 24cm
height 30.5
height 34cm
Transparent Hydroponic Terrarium Vase
height 10cm
height 10cm-1063
height 10cm-200006151
height 12CM
height 12cm-175
height 12cm-200002984
height 8cm
height 8cm-173
height 8cm-496
Vase and fake flower-100018786
Vase and fake flower-193
Vase and fake flower-200003699
Vase and fake flower-200005536
Vase and fake flower-200006152
Vase and fake flower-200006153
Vase and fake flower-365016
Vase and fake flower-365458
Hydroponic Plant Vases
variations 12 heads 22cm
variations 18 leaves 49cm green
variations 18 leaves 49cm white
variations 9 Pieces 30cm
variations Turtle Leaves 32cm
variations Large
variations Medium
variations Small
variations Type A
variations Type B
variations Type C